Distal Clavicula Locking Plate
Product Description

This plate is designed to provide excellent fixation for acute fractures, nonunions and malunions of the distal clavicle bone. It is designed to anatomically fit the distal clavicula.
This plate has multi-axial screw holes feature.


Material :

Made of certified Titanium Ti6AL4V Eli alloy, or medical Stainless Steel.

Thickness :


Width :


Diaphyseal Width :


Metaphyseal Width :



(R)2.7mm cortical screw.

(R)3.5mm cortical screw.

(R)4.0mm cancellous screw.

Locking and non-locking.

(R)3.5mm cortical screw.

Self drilling.

Cannulated and non-cannulated.

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