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Disposable Face Mask



* Type I     Bacteria and dust filtration efficiency > 95%

* Type II    Bacteria and dust filtration efficiency > 98%

* Type IIR  Bacteria and dust filtration efficiency > 98%   (+Splash Resistance)

Colors:                                 White, Green, Blue, Black

Mask Dimensions:           17,5 x 9,5 cm

Box Dimensions:              20x10x8 cm

Cartoon Dimensions:     40x60x40 cm

Cartoon Gross Weight:  11,50 kg

Cartoon Net Weight:      8,2 kg

Disposable Application : 

Synthetic non-woven fabrics used in production are specially designed for healthcare products.

Quality : 

Hypoallergic materials with high air permeability which do not irritate facial skin are used in products. All product models are tested in accredited laboratories. (ECOTEKS – TURKAK AB0583-T)

Meltblown : 

All masks contain filtering material with the fiber spacing smaller than the size of most viruses and bacteria. 

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